Tag: Activities and strategies to help develop Speech and Language Skills

Activities to develop Speech and Language Skills

  Top ten activities for developing and improving your child’s speech and language skills There are many simple activities that you can do with your child to develop their speech and language skills. 1. Be a good model – speak clearly and slowly and face your child when speaking. If your child says a word or …

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Speech therapy resources

      Speech therapy resources is a section for speech pathologists / therapists to share ideas, information and activities. If you have anything you want to share, contact me on the icommunicate Facebook page and I can add things to this page.   Back to Resources Page.   Recommended Reading     For a …

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Resource Centre

    Welcome to the Speech-Language Therapy Resources Centre Welcome to our Speech-Language Therapy Resources Centre. We are always updating this section of our site and adding new tools, programs, activities, strategies, videos, and resources, so please keep checking back each time you visit.   Speech and language therapy resources     The Downloads Centre …

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