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Using the icommunicate website

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Using the icommunicate website – when browsing through the pages of a website, we all want a user friendly experience and efficient use of our time. In an aim to achieve just this, we have added the following features which allow you to select various options to enhance the view and interactivity of your experience.

Accessibility Options
Go to our section specifically set up to help people access the site. Our Accessibility Options section has been set-up for individuals with a visual, hearing or physical difficulty. This sections lists a host of simple options that most of you have on your home computers to improve ease of access. There is information about accessing options such as magnifiers, narration, speech recognition, onscreen keyboards.
Printing articles without all the images and links
For easy access we have quick print references on the right of each page. This option first gives you a preview and allows you to print just the content section or article of the page (excluding extra images, menus etc…)
Searching within the site
Wondering if we cover what you are looking for? Use our simple search option in the main menu bar.
Our Resources
Our resources are not meant to replace face-to-face speech and language therapy. Use these resources in combination with your speech therapy program, or if you are waiting for speech therapy intervention. If you have any concerns about your communication, or the communication of a friend or loved one, we highly recommend that you visit a qualified speech and language therapist / pathologist for the correct assessment and treatment.

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