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Child Speech-Language Development




Child Speech and Language Development.

Watching your child develop their speech and language skills is an exciting time for parents. Most children develop speech, language and social skills naturally during the first few years of life. As parents it is important to remember that these first few years are vital and there is a lot you can do to help develop these skills and put in place many crucial building blocks for the future.


The following sections contain lots of ideas and activities to help you develop your child’s speech, language and communication.


Communication Milestones

This section will give you a breakdown of development for the first 7 years of the child’s life and chart the stages of development. There will be a focus on speech and language development, as well as a focus on social skills and motor development. Click here to go to the Milestones Section.


The Early Years

This section focuses on the importance of play in the early years and how we can use play situations to create great language learning opportunities. We also look at the importance of the communicative environment (promoting a positive, language rich, learning environment), and talk about how you can use and change your everyday environment to make it a rich playground for language learning and development. Click here to go to the Early Years Section.


Activities to Develop Early Speech and Language Skills

This section looks at a range of fun activities that can be used to develop your child’s communication skills. There are also pointers on how to adapt your own language to help your child learn. Click here to read about activities to develop your child’s speech and language skills.


Also go to our Child Speech and Language Development Resources section for downloadable fact-sheets with information and ideas to help your child’s speech and language skills. Click Here.


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