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Child Speech, Language, Hearing, Literacy and Communication Disorders & Delays

Child speech, language, hearing, and communication disorders and delays happen for a number of reasons. Often children have a combined speech, language and literacy delay. All of these areas of learning, whether it be an isolated problem, or a combination of problems, can cause the child immense frustration and often unhappiness. However, with the right guidance and input most children can make good progress with speech, language and literacy skills.
This section of the website has 4 parts:

Speech difficulties, delays and disorders

This section will cover child speech disorders, phonological difficulties, dyspraxia, stammering, cleft palate and structural difficulties, articulation difficulties, dysarthria, voice and selective mutism. Through the use of videos and links to more detailed information, icommunicate will provide activities and strategies to facilitate all children to overcome their difficulties. Click here to go to the Speech Difficulties Section.


Language difficulties and delays

Many children have difficulties understand and/or expressing language. This section will focus on expressive and receptive language difficulties, and specific language impairment. Click Here to go to the Language Difficulties Section.


Dyslexia and Literacy difficulties

Some children have difficulties with reading and writing, and often these children also have a problem with speech and language. icommunicate will provide strategies and activities to facilitate children with literacy difficulties as well as taking an holistic approach by looking at activities that can benefit speech, language and literacy together. Click here to go to the Dyslexia and Literacy Section.


Deaf and Hearing impairment

This section will focus on all forms of hearing impairment and give guidance and information on hearing aid equipment as well as ideas, activities and strategies to help the hearing impaired child with communication. Click hear to go to the Deaf and Hearing Impairment Section.

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Speech Difficulties & Disorders

As children are learning to talk, they will inevitably have difficulty articulating some sounds as their speech develops. Generally, they will learn to some say sounds earlier than others e.g. sounds like b, m, or w, are often some the first sounds they will produce when they start to babble. Other sounds, such as s, …

Language Difficulties

Many children present with language difficulties (delay or disorder), and these difficulties can present and affect language in different ways. Below are some commonly described language problems. These might be known by a variety of different names and many children will have a combination of these difficulties. Click on the links to find out more …

Hearing Problems, Hearing Impairment, and being Deaf

    Hearing problems, hearing impairment and being deaf can affect many children and adults either temporarily (e.g. fluctuating hearing loss in children) or permanently. Hearing loss in childhood can severely delay speech, language, and literacy development, and most adults will experience a deterioration in their hearing as they get older. Thankfully, hearing aid technology …