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Professional help and progressive neurological diseases

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Professional help and progressive neurological diseases

When you have been diagnosed with a progressive neurological illness, it is important to know what services and professional help are available to you. Your doctor and/or local support group should be able to let you know about the services you will require.

Speech and language therapy may be appropriate to focus on aspects of communication,such a speech difficulties, language difficulties, communication plans, assistive communication, cognitive and memory skills, social skills and reading and writing.

Occupational therapy will also focus on some of the skills around daily living and assess your home for possible modifications if they are required.

A physiotherapist may be involved if you have muscular, balance, gait, or walking difficulties.

As well as seeing your doctor, a communnity nurse should also visit you to asses your health and needs.

A counsellor or psychologist may be needed, to work with you and your family around issues relating to depression and grief.

A dietician may be involved with a focus on diet and nutririon.

There may be other doctors and specialists that will see you to focus on individual difficulties.

Support groups often offer invaluable advice, support and information relating to your disorder and it is highly recommended that you check the internet for associations and information about local group meetings.

For more information about communication difficulties, and ideas and strategies to help communication, see our Resources, or for specific fact-sheets about progressive and degenerative neurological diseases and information and strategies for improving communication and cognitive functioning go to the Downloads Section.


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