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Speech and Language video resources

Click on the links below to see a variety of speech and language video resources about speech and language therapy, and activities, ideas and information relating to speech, language and communication disorders and delay:


What does a speech and language therapist actually do?

Speech Therapists / Pathologists work with a wide variety of adults and children. Their work includes helping children and adults with speech and language difficulties, hearing impairment, autism, stroke, brain injury, and dyslexia.


10 ways to enhance your child’s speech and language development

10 easy ways to improve your child’s speech and language skills


Diagnosing your voice problems

What causes voice problems – see this video to find out.


Dysarthria – Using an Alphabet Chart

If you have dysarthria, using an alphabet chart can increase your intelligibility


Stroke – Aphasia and Dysarthria – Picture Communication Charts.

Here are a selection of picture charts that you can use to help with communication following a stroke or brain injury. Go to our Downloads Section to print charts


Autism – Toileting Strategy

Sometimes children with autism have difficulties with toileting. Here is one visual strategy that might help you.


Fixing your Lisp – Adult and Adolescence lisp remediation program – Part 1 of 9
Here is a free video guide with therapy activities that could help you improve your speech and get rid of a lisp. All 9 parts are available on Youtube and you will see links to the other parts when you look at Part-1. We also have a written guide – The Adult and Adolescence Lisp Remediation Program – Click Here.


Video guide to the icommunicate website
Why Speech Therapist / Pathologists are Super-heroes
The shocking truth about what you need to do to enhance your child’s speech and language development
Simple ways to improve your child’s speech and language skills.
Online Speech Therapy

Some video guides to Online Therapy and Teaching:

Online Speech Therapy

How your child can benefit from speech, language and literacy therapy online.

The advantages of Online Speech Therapy

How does Online Speech Therapy work?

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